Niagara Falls

Perfect place for a Summer and Spring vacation, Located in the northeast area of ​​North America, between the United States and Canada. They include three waterfalls: The “Canadian Falls” (Ontario), the “American Falls” (New York) and the Bride’s Veil Falls “the smallest, it is about 236 meters above sea level, its fall is approximately 64 meters . It should be noted that the name “Niagara” originates from an Iroquois word that means “thunder of water.” Because the original inhabitants of the region were the Ongiara, an Iroquois tribe called the Neutrals by the French conquerors, who found in them help as mediators of disputes with other tribes.

About 10,000 years ago the Niagara Falls were in glaciation, this huge glacier advanced over eastern Canada like a great excavator grinding rocks and soil, removing them and deepening some river channels until they became lakes.

Niagara Falls

We wonder which side of Niagara Falls to visit and the ideal is to visit both sides, the United States and Canada.

The Canadian side is reputed to be more interesting because it offers better views and has a much greater hotel and leisure offer. Proponents of the Canadian option give these reasons for visiting this side of the border: The views from Canada are more frontal and direct, both of the medium waterfalls on the American side and of the large horseshoe-shaped waterfall. In addition, the promenade area that runs along the edge of the Niagara River is very wide, is paved and is more comfortable for people with mobility problems. The tourist offer is much greater. It has main attractions such as: Journey behind the falls, the mythical complex of tunnels that goes down on foot from the falls and that brings you closer to the roar of the water like no other attraction, Skylon Tower, a towering lookout tower with shopping areas, Niagara Zipline, the fashionable zip line in Niagara, overlooking the falls.

Canadian Side

The American side has bigger parking areas and the price is better than in Canada. Many visitors park on this side and then walk to the Canadian side. The setting of the falls is integrated into a State Park and the experience is much calmer and more natural than on the Canadian side. There are many green areas, beautiful islands and there are many trails that offer us a closer view of the force of the water. The trails near the falls on the American side offer a refreshing experience in summer due to the mist and water spray they form. It is the only option to “get wet” for free at the falls.

It also has main attractions on the American side such as: The Prospect Point Observation Tower, Cave of the winds is A wooden walkway with several observation points, Discovery Center: An interactive exhibition that deals with natural, geological and Historic area great for a family tour and a ride on the Niagara Trolley. It has several routes and they are a very pleasant formula to get around the Niagara area, linking the falls with other attractions in the area.

American Side

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