Oneonta Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is so rich in natural beauty that it is quite difficult to choose your favorites. The Oneonta Gorge is a scenic gorge located in the Columbia River Gorge area in the US state of Oregon. The United States Forest Service has designated it a botanical area because of the unique aquatic… Continue reading Oneonta Gorge


The Antelope Canyon is located near the city of Page, in the county of Coconino, in the north of the state of Arizona. It is a slot canyon located in a reservation of Navajo Indians, the Navajo name of Antelope Canyon is Tse ’bighanilini, which means the place where water flows through the rocks. The… Continue reading ANTELOPE CANYON

Niagara Falls

Perfect place for a Summer and Spring vacation, Located in the northeast area of ​​North America, between the United States and Canada. They include three waterfalls: The “Canadian Falls” (Ontario), the “American Falls” (New York) and the Bride’s Veil Falls “the smallest, it is about 236 meters above sea level, its fall is approximately 64… Continue reading Niagara Falls

Redwood National Park

Despite being the least known parks in the United States, it is a Natural Habitat known for its coastal redwoods or redwoods, named for the reddish color of their bark. It is one of the Most Beautiful Parks for a Visit on the Northern California Coast, the Jedediah Smith, Del Norte Coast and Prairie Creek… Continue reading Redwood National Park

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